Thank You

A thank you message from Dov:

The path to publication was riddled with potholes. The head-on collision of print media with ebooks seemed to mean that I had to give up the idea of ever having a book printed on paper with ink. All I heard from publishers was, ‘Kindle has burned us.’ But my dad was a printer and I cannot relate to ebooks. Print is in my DNA. I tried to console myself with the lie: “Oh well, it will be an electronic legacy to my children.”

But for two friends, Jeff Fisher and David Williams, my out-of-time Out of Line would have gathered nothing but electronic dust. Jeff had come to me with a publishing idea of his own, seeking my help. His work needed a solid experienced writer and editor, and so I connected him to my friend David Williams. It was a shiduch, a match made in heaven. And it was they, on their own, who then took on the project of my book; imposed a deadline for its completion; found a publisher; and then found the finance by prevailing on other generous souls to contribute to the cost. It takes a village to raise a book.

This is their achievement as much as it is my own.

We collectively thank these generous souls:

  • Jeff and Barbara Fisher
  • Philip Jacobson
  • Dennis Sweidan
  • Betty & Herbert Rajak
  • Michael Laurance Krawitz
  • Laurence Chait
  • Sonny and Marcelle Norman
  • Alcy Georgiades
  • Ernest Leibowitz
  • Romain and Sandra Orlin
  • David Shapiro
  • Steven Levitt


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